Lights, camera, not much action

It’s been slow going with all the final elements to go on the house before handover.

The last few weeks we saw the electrical and plumbing get finished off, each with their own mini dramas. The joys of building or renovating!

Firstly, the pendant lights I picked out months ago, which were super cool, looked crap. What a pain in the butt! I had to head back to Beacon Lighting at Kawana with three hungry, tired, messy kids and pick out something that didn’t look like horse flies buzzing around the kitchen bench from the other side of the room. Seriously, the original pendants were cool, but way too small for the space.

Thanks to a few buddies on Instagram for wicked advice and reassurance on the new pendants. Having never bought anything more than a lightbulb, the pendant light thing was a bit daunting.

What do you think? These bad boys set us back about $90 each and the bulb was another $10. These are instead of down lights, which is what is throughout the rest of the house, and be bright enough to make me look like I know what I am doing in the kitchen.


So we have never picked colour scheme stuff before, or anything else to do with building a house for that matter, but seeing all the cabinets go in this week has been quite a relief that we didn’t screw it up.


A couple of months ago, armed with a pintrest board and a mobile phone with a cracked screen, we trotted off the meet with Kerrie at Zente Kitchens to finalise layout and materials. What a gal she is, because I would hate to have a customer like myself…” Kind of like this, but more like this, sorry the screen is cracked.”

I sourced the basins and sink from Reece Plumbing in Caloundra (another example of fabulous customer service) and think the squareness of them all suits perfectly. The cabinets are black and the benchtops are laminate “Carrara Stone”. Who has $35k laying around for real Carrara??!! Not us, but they’ve turned out way better than I expected. I honestly had nightmares about it. There was 70’s lino on my benchtops. It was scary.

The overheads and pantry are white and the handles are funky square upside-down L’s. As with most things we’ve picked, our choices were a bit different to the majority of new homes on the Sunshine Coast (lots of neutrals) so we had a few follow up phone calls and emails about handle positions and the endless fingerprints I’ll be cleaning off black cabinets. Glad we committed, it’s all coming together and looking mighty fine!