Still dreaming….

I haven’t given up the dream to relocate and restore a Queenslander.  I drive my husband nuts by mentally restore houses listed on websites such as Qld Colonial Homes in my spare time and recently came across a beauty on Dalby Removal Homes and I am kind of obsessed!


Searching for ideas for balustrades I came across a post by one of my favourite real estate agents/stylist, Anne-Maree of Cape Cod Residential on her personal blog, featuring a home designed by Michael Bell Architects.

I am very much in love with this home and think no balustrades would be perfect for my imaginary restoration!

verandah 2verandah

What do you think?

Remember that veggie patch??

It started as an attempt to rope the kids into one of my interests, hoping one day they’ll help grow everything we need and actually have fun doing so.  It’s been really cool watching everything sprout up and the kids that been very impressed whenever we’ve harvested something.

Turns out none of us like radish, despite really trying to like it because we grew so many!  We’ve had so much spinach that I am running out of ideas of what to do with it.  We’ve been juicing a far bit of it with green apples.  That basically wins me a mother of the year award.  The heirloom tomatoes are delicious however we are not the only one’s who think so.  If I don’t pick them as soon as they start to get a tiny bit red (reddish…more like tinges of orange), something comes and nibbles on them.

IMG_7545IMG_7548We also got some chickens to enable our egg addiction.  They are the best entertainment money can buy and they give you eggs.  What is not to love about chickens?!  We get three eggs a day and our vegetable scraps (and our neighbours) are no longer going into landfill.  I also use the sugarcane mulch that is in the roosting box for the flower patch.  Free fertiliser!


IMG_7808 IMG_7811 IMG_7849 IMG_7911 IMG_8033 IMG_8065 IMG_8062IMG_7902IMG_8104IMG_8140

I can’t begin to describe how much happiness it brings us to grow a few things for ourselves and how easy it is!  I was a little horrified having to buy lettuce in a bag the other day when we have to get some things on a day trip earlier this month.  Yep, I am now officially a leafy greens snob and proud of it 😉

Settled in

One day the whole house will be clean and tidy and I’ll take photos of everything, but for now, here are internet worthy snippets with only a little bit of stuff lying around!   

Pink and yellow colour scheme starting to emerge!


There’s now turf where this loving conversation next to the bonfire took place!

Harold the hanging plant waiting to perv on Steve in the shower. 

  Giving the wood some love.

  Few bits of wall decor have found a home. 

  I regret the round Armadillo&Co. impulse buy rug. 

 Work. Rest. Play. Mmmm Mars bars.

I could grow potatoes in the dirt I’ve swept out of the house. Turf day was a VERY happy day. 


I wouldn’t survive in a drought. 

Bonding with Napolean

Our oldest son is reaching that time when everything is “boring”, “uncool” or “it sux”.  I don’t know what it is about humans at that stage in our lives, we seem to hit a patch of intense self awareness and our bodies are doing crazy things, we are often full of angst but still enjoying the carefree fun of what is essentially the twilight years of our childhood.  Within a couple of years, we cross the cusp into adulthood and all the joys that independence and responsibility bring.  In any case, I’ve never known a kid more keen to “get” puberty.  It was about this time during my own childhood that I was taller and broader shouldered then any of the other kids my age and my parents suggested I get a perm (and then took me to get a perm) and signed me up for Weight Watchers.  This, of course, did wonders for my non-existent self-confidence….not.  So I am trying really hard to let my kids know they are freakn awesome just the way they are but I am pretty sure Jake is slowly but surely turning into Napolean Dynamite.  As a way to maintain a strong mother-son relationship (not a in a freaky Hitchcock movie way), I am trying to do stuff together that only sucks a little bit.  

It would be awesome if I could send him off to learn to hunt, build his own house or tame a panther  but in the society we live in, he’ll have to settle with going to Bunnings, buying supplies and helping me build a raised veggie patch. 

I did some research and came across a treated sleeper that doesn’t contain arsenic (most garden sleepers are CCA treated) and we got to measuring up our site. Being OCD about everything lining up and being suited to the house, the raised bed is in line with the dining room windows and all neat and flush, just the way nature intended vegetables to grow.  

The boys and I then heading to Bunnings with a vague idea of what we needed. No trip to Bunnings is complete without a) sausage on bread from the carpark BBQ, b) forgetting what you went there for, c) remembering, but then having to take a child to the other side of the warehouse to the toilet, d) sitting at the playground while said child burns off the preservatives in sausage from carpark, d) finding everything you need just as a lovely lady offers kids free face painting, e) being interrogated at the boom gate about whether you’re smuggling lumber or f) all of the above. If you guessed all of the above, you get a gold star!   

Green Lantern, Spiderman and I headed home with everything we needed minus the stuff I forgot, and got cracking.  


The veggie patch measures 4.5m x 3m, so we bolted one and a half sleepers together with a metal plate and bolts (funny that!) for two of the sides and used standard 3m sleepers for the other sides.  It was about this time that Green Lanten retired to the couch to watch House Reno and left me to bond with the garden hoe to level out the hard as cement ground. 

We are half way through our little project, just the frame to finish, fill to add, seeds to plant etc.  It got dark, Pat got covered in mud, I got sore muscles, Jake got bored.  

 Despite all this, I am very sure that the carrots we grow, which will cost on average $34 each when you factor in the cost of materials, will be delicious and Napolean, I mean Jake, will be so stoked with stuff and that. 

Do the shuffle 

We’ve been settled in to the new digs for almost THREE months. Definitely time to rearrange the furniture.  I’ve worked out furniture shuffling is a genetic deformity I inherited from my mum…the constant desire to change the layout and location of furniture.  





We’ve been so under the pump lately that housework has been minimual (any excuse!) but I spent the morning pottering and tidying, something usual reserved for five minutes before guests arrive, and we are enjoying semi-tidiness for the first time in weeks!  Still on the “to do” list is to wall mount the TV, but will leave that for someone with skills.

 The outdoor area got brought to life with some greenery and I can’t wait to lay decking and soften the area some more.  I don’t do minimalist very well!
 Target continues to enable my addiction to monochrome. How sweet is this pot? The “hola” sign was hanging at the front door looking really cool for a while but the 3M adhesive strips don’t like the paint and it kept falling down.   

 Alas…it was not to be… 

A New Leaf

What a stinker last week was!  Summer was hanging around and muscling in on Autumn and I could think was “why? WHY????!!!!”  I am pretty sure I got heat stroke hanging the washing out on one particular day.  


This morning there is definite change in the air. For the first time in what seems forever, I am not covered in sweat by 8am.  Ew gross, I know, but it’s worth celebrating in my book!

Autumn (when it FINALLY arrives) is my favourite time of the year. It’s cool enough to be incredibly productive and change is visible everywhere you look.  Life feels gentler. 

My list of things to do include:

  • Weed the yard
  • Explore our rainforest
  • Plant a herb garden
  • Paint the laundry door
  • Chop firewood

The kids are settling in really well to our new home.  Our youngest is a confident explorer and we’ve had to retrieve him from down the street and from the neighbours verandah several times.  The next major project to tackle is definitely a fence! 


We’ve been busy in the kitchen too!  It’s hard to believe what a difference this kitchen has made to cooking. The kitchen at our Sea Change home was tiny and crammed.  


Little chef in the making!


Time to go enjoy this fine weather!

Home sweet home

It’s less than a week since we rocked in a removalist truck to meet our builder for handover up.  I am slowly unpacking and organising and discovering how many bugs there are in the bush. Seriously, so many!  That is definitely a major difference between a sea change and a tree change.

There is still about 4628 boxes to go but we’ve already created a very “us” feel to the place.  

I was going mad with all the blank white walls so spent this morning putting a few things up in the littlies room. 

There are still things to add (see that pile of sheets on the ground?  Such professional removalists we are!).  3M hooks are the bomb if you want to save your walls from a mass of permanent hooks. They aren’t the cheapest option initially, but when you consider how expensive it is to patch and paint nail holes, I think you are winning long term. 

The TV is yet to be wall mounted and basket of game consoles etc will eventually find their way home to the lockable storage units. Am I the last person to find out you can download an app to your phone to use in leui of your TV remote?  Of course our TV is too old for it to work, but still, very cool to know! If you didn’t know, but now you do, you’re welcome. 

The polished concrete floors have been a breeze to keep clean and are very popular with our dogs because they are nice and cool. 

The entry is looking very suave (might be a bit biased) with the funky Bunnings Acapulco chairs. The colour pops like crazy against the house paint and is so cool to see when you first arrive!