Remember that veggie patch??

It started as an attempt to rope the kids into one of my interests, hoping one day they’ll help grow everything we need and actually have fun doing so.  It’s been really cool watching everything sprout up and the kids that been very impressed whenever we’ve harvested something.

Turns out none of us like radish, despite really trying to like it because we grew so many!  We’ve had so much spinach that I am running out of ideas of what to do with it.  We’ve been juicing a far bit of it with green apples.  That basically wins me a mother of the year award.  The heirloom tomatoes are delicious however we are not the only one’s who think so.  If I don’t pick them as soon as they start to get a tiny bit red (reddish…more like tinges of orange), something comes and nibbles on them.

IMG_7545IMG_7548We also got some chickens to enable our egg addiction.  They are the best entertainment money can buy and they give you eggs.  What is not to love about chickens?!  We get three eggs a day and our vegetable scraps (and our neighbours) are no longer going into landfill.  I also use the sugarcane mulch that is in the roosting box for the flower patch.  Free fertiliser!


IMG_7808 IMG_7811 IMG_7849 IMG_7911 IMG_8033 IMG_8065 IMG_8062IMG_7902IMG_8104IMG_8140

I can’t begin to describe how much happiness it brings us to grow a few things for ourselves and how easy it is!  I was a little horrified having to buy lettuce in a bag the other day when we have to get some things on a day trip earlier this month.  Yep, I am now officially a leafy greens snob and proud of it 😉

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