Bonding with Napolean

Our oldest son is reaching that time when everything is “boring”, “uncool” or “it sux”.  I don’t know what it is about humans at that stage in our lives, we seem to hit a patch of intense self awareness and our bodies are doing crazy things, we are often full of angst but still enjoying the carefree fun of what is essentially the twilight years of our childhood.  Within a couple of years, we cross the cusp into adulthood and all the joys that independence and responsibility bring.  In any case, I’ve never known a kid more keen to “get” puberty.  It was about this time during my own childhood that I was taller and broader shouldered then any of the other kids my age and my parents suggested I get a perm (and then took me to get a perm) and signed me up for Weight Watchers.  This, of course, did wonders for my non-existent self-confidence….not.  So I am trying really hard to let my kids know they are freakn awesome just the way they are but I am pretty sure Jake is slowly but surely turning into Napolean Dynamite.  As a way to maintain a strong mother-son relationship (not a in a freaky Hitchcock movie way), I am trying to do stuff together that only sucks a little bit.  

It would be awesome if I could send him off to learn to hunt, build his own house or tame a panther  but in the society we live in, he’ll have to settle with going to Bunnings, buying supplies and helping me build a raised veggie patch. 

I did some research and came across a treated sleeper that doesn’t contain arsenic (most garden sleepers are CCA treated) and we got to measuring up our site. Being OCD about everything lining up and being suited to the house, the raised bed is in line with the dining room windows and all neat and flush, just the way nature intended vegetables to grow.  

The boys and I then heading to Bunnings with a vague idea of what we needed. No trip to Bunnings is complete without a) sausage on bread from the carpark BBQ, b) forgetting what you went there for, c) remembering, but then having to take a child to the other side of the warehouse to the toilet, d) sitting at the playground while said child burns off the preservatives in sausage from carpark, d) finding everything you need just as a lovely lady offers kids free face painting, e) being interrogated at the boom gate about whether you’re smuggling lumber or f) all of the above. If you guessed all of the above, you get a gold star!   

Green Lantern, Spiderman and I headed home with everything we needed minus the stuff I forgot, and got cracking.  


The veggie patch measures 4.5m x 3m, so we bolted one and a half sleepers together with a metal plate and bolts (funny that!) for two of the sides and used standard 3m sleepers for the other sides.  It was about this time that Green Lanten retired to the couch to watch House Reno and left me to bond with the garden hoe to level out the hard as cement ground. 

We are half way through our little project, just the frame to finish, fill to add, seeds to plant etc.  It got dark, Pat got covered in mud, I got sore muscles, Jake got bored.  

 Despite all this, I am very sure that the carrots we grow, which will cost on average $34 each when you factor in the cost of materials, will be delicious and Napolean, I mean Jake, will be so stoked with stuff and that. 

2 thoughts on “Bonding with Napolean

  1. Lol! I SOOOO feel you mate. One thing is for sure – Our kids can’t possibly know what it’s like to have the hardest life in the world at 12 years old, because only WE knew what that was like…. 😛 Great blog, love you work. Oh how I would so love to be your neighbour. But alas, the city pays my husband well – but not well enough for him to willingly endure 3 hours of train commuting to and from. Stay cool! xxx

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