Do the shuffle 

We’ve been settled in to the new digs for almost THREE months. Definitely time to rearrange the furniture.  I’ve worked out furniture shuffling is a genetic deformity I inherited from my mum…the constant desire to change the layout and location of furniture.  





We’ve been so under the pump lately that housework has been minimual (any excuse!) but I spent the morning pottering and tidying, something usual reserved for five minutes before guests arrive, and we are enjoying semi-tidiness for the first time in weeks!  Still on the “to do” list is to wall mount the TV, but will leave that for someone with skills.

 The outdoor area got brought to life with some greenery and I can’t wait to lay decking and soften the area some more.  I don’t do minimalist very well!
 Target continues to enable my addiction to monochrome. How sweet is this pot? The “hola” sign was hanging at the front door looking really cool for a while but the 3M adhesive strips don’t like the paint and it kept falling down.   

 Alas…it was not to be… 

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