Home sweet home

It’s less than a week since we rocked in a removalist truck to meet our builder for handover up.  I am slowly unpacking and organising and discovering how many bugs there are in the bush. Seriously, so many!  That is definitely a major difference between a sea change and a tree change.

There is still about 4628 boxes to go but we’ve already created a very “us” feel to the place.  

I was going mad with all the blank white walls so spent this morning putting a few things up in the littlies room. 

There are still things to add (see that pile of sheets on the ground?  Such professional removalists we are!).  3M hooks are the bomb if you want to save your walls from a mass of permanent hooks. They aren’t the cheapest option initially, but when you consider how expensive it is to patch and paint nail holes, I think you are winning long term. 

The TV is yet to be wall mounted and basket of game consoles etc will eventually find their way home to the lockable storage units. Am I the last person to find out you can download an app to your phone to use in leui of your TV remote?  Of course our TV is too old for it to work, but still, very cool to know! If you didn’t know, but now you do, you’re welcome. 

The polished concrete floors have been a breeze to keep clean and are very popular with our dogs because they are nice and cool. 

The entry is looking very suave (might be a bit biased) with the funky Bunnings Acapulco chairs. The colour pops like crazy against the house paint and is so cool to see when you first arrive!


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