The home stretch

This time next week we will be unpacking boxes (or still moving if I am being realistic). We’ve had a few unexpected curve balls in the past week that will hopefully be resolved to ensure the handover date remains the same.

What I thought was efficiency and forethought has come back to bite us on the bum. We laid turf on Wednesday to take advantage of the predicted rain and give it a chance to establish before the kids start trampling it. Being 100% tank water reliant, I thought it was perfect timing.

Two things.

Firstly, by laying turf around the perameter of the house, there wasn’t a 75mm gap in some places between the ground and cladding as per building certification requirements. Our house did not pass the final building certification inspection. Tempers flared. I tried to fix the situation by removing the row closest to the house but apparently it will all need to be pulled up and regraded. My solutions appears to be like using a bandaid to try and fix a missing limb (ie crap)


Secondly, the rain we’ve experienced has been from tropical Cyclone Marcia. Rain is an understatement. More like curtains of water pouring down constantly. The road to the house is cut so we are unsure if the turf has floated off down the hill.

That’s really nothing compared to what many people have experienced so I am not concerned if it has. I am just trying to describe the amount of rain there’s been.

The rain is supposed to ease up tomorrow so hopefully by tomorrow afternoon we can start pulling up turf. It’s going to be a seriously messy, expensive job.

Thinking of everyone who’s been impacted by the rain, winds, flooding rivers and cabin fever! Stay safe!!

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