All the pieces fit together!

Tiles are like the worlds most practical jigsaw puzzle. We had our site meeting early Monday morning, which had me majorly doubting our tiles choices! We only picked two, a wall tile and a floor tile, so if it looked shit it was going to be very, VERY obvious.

The tilers talked me down like skilful hostage negotiators, reassuring us that it would be fine, grout gaps are different for wall and floor tiles, so they would never match up perfectly. I had started toying with the idea that our wall tiles should be the same width as the floor tiles, but apparently this doesn’t make any difference when it comes to lining then up.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I’d canned the idea of stainless steel tiles on the end of the kitchen bench, so that wasn’t it. It was the bath (oh that bath, it’s been a niggling pain in the proverbial all along). The shelf is 150mm high. Our wall tiles are only 100mm high. One and a half wall tiles was going to look weird.

I was on the phone to the tiler at 7am to explain my concerns and could we use floor tiles on the bath shelf and front wall thingy (my technical knowledge is impressive). “Sure, we just need two more boxes of tiles.” Ohhhhh…. Why can’t it just be easy? Several panicky hours later waiting to hear if the tiles were available and could we get them overnight, I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer and rang the tiler to check if there was going to be a problem. “It’s all good. We’ve got enough”.

Must. Learn. Not. To. Panic!!!!











We’ve gone with dark grey grout for the floor and light grey for the walls. Subway tiles, as seen on the walls, are typically done in a brick pattern, but for a modern look, we’ve gone with stacking them.

What do think?

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