Harden up

Even with a super tight budget, we’ve managed to get a lot of cool finishes, the most notable is polished concrete floors throughout. Like, everywhere throughout, except for wet areas, as they will be tiles. But bedrooms, kitchen, living areas…yep, all pc!

We contracted Honed + Polished Concrete and their arrival coincided with some bloody hot weather. The boys worked their butts off regardless and we are, overall, really impressed with the finished product.

This is definitely not a cheap option for floor finishing but when you see how labour intense the whole process is and the equipment that is required you quickly realise why there’s such a hefty price tag attached. Long term, the cost is worth it when you weigh up the benefits of having easy to clean and maintain floors (not to mention how shit hot they look) that are perfect for heavy traffic (party proof) so we gave the nod and resigned to eating baked beans and not holidaying for a while.

I am disturbingly fussy with carpet and crap at cleaning so it’s really a win-win situation!












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