This morning I visited the house to pick up the kitchen sink which I’d dropped off two days ago thinking it was supposed to be delivered there. Turned out it wasn’t, that would be too easy.

Instead I got to drag two little kids to Bribie Island to the cabinet makers to deliver sink and bathroom basins and then turn straight around and drive for another 40 minutes to get home. Little kids love sitting in their car seat for 1.5 hours…not!

There was no one on site today so I got to check out what’s been happening in the last week without fear of a nail gun going off in my general direction!

Exciting stuff (for no one but me), the internal plastering is finito! Did you know there are different types of cornices? I didn’t. Not until after everything had been finalised with suppliers and installers. So now you know, go forth and pintrest search your other options!

We have curves.


They even did inside the broom cupboard. Classy!


Raised eyebrows

If you have eyebrows like Miranda Kerr, you are welcome to raise them at whatever you like. You’ve been gifted good brows, flaunt it.

If not, lower them to their regular location when I talk about our external colour choice. You may have noticed our black window frames? If not, shame on you. But it’s not too late to go back and look at my previous post.

Anyways, I digress. Paint. Outside. I’ve been asked about the thermal impact our paint colour choice will have. This is about how much I care = 0. And my carefreeness (making up words now people) was finally rewarded. No, not pregnant. Guess again. Somehow, someone stuffed up with the insulation stuff that goes in the roof. So we got double. Yay! After living in a fibro shack with NO insulation or aircon for 7 years, the universe rewarded us. Who are we to argue with the universe.

Here are a few examples of the colour palette we will be rocking! I laugh in the face of heat transfer due to dark colours (at least I do at this moment).   I can’t remember my Pintrest password, so you’ll just have to search “black house” on Pintrest to find the source of my naughty screen shots.








Cooking with gas

Ok, the title is slightly deceptive, no actual cooking going on at the house just yet. But things are steaming along nicely! Actual walls appeared this week, as did windows and doors and a bathtub. All the pipes and wires are obviously in place too. External cladding is getting there and we hope that the predicted rain arrives but does to interfere with progress (not asking too much I don’t think!). Everywhere is desperately dry and in need of a good drench. Come on Huey, send it down (at night time!).