Sexy and natural

I love timber. The smell, look and feel are all dead sexy. Sadly, it’s super expensive (rightly so, the trees it comes from are super old and doing an awesome job being trees) and therefore not used a lot in new house production.

But I still want some. We are in a high bush fire zone so we are very mindful of materials used externally. Inside, however, is another story. I am very lucky to have a super talented father who is very handy with timber. He was a traditional boat builder in his hay day.

The ginormous kitchen island will get prettied post installation a little something like in the photos below from Pintrest (good ol Pintrest…)

Trev has certainly been called in to assist in the past. Like at 6am when I decided I didn’t actually know how to make an arch for a wedding expo!



Playing the waiting game

I’ve really lost enthusiasm for keeping track of the build process as it feels more like my husbands project now.

However, I did get to go along and pick tiles and colours and fittings. Just as well, who know what we would have ended up with!

Jo at Amber Tiles in Maroochydore was incredibly helpful and I recommend her to anyone in the process of building or renovating. She was very patient with us on our first visit, pointing out why pure white floor tile might not be very practical AND putting up with my filthy mood because of our turn of events that meant we were not shopping for a Queenslander (not that she knew that, she was just incredible anyway).

On our second visit to confirm everything, Jo was again amazing. She never tried to sell us products that were beyond our price range and was so helpful with our out-of-the-ordinary ideas…which I tried to share by showing her endless pictures from Pintrest on my cracked phone screen.

We are going with (drum roll please) vertical subway tiles in the bathroom and ensuite.






We now just wait for final approvals from the certifier and then it’s all systems go!