Tetris Champion

Hands up if you ever played Tetris on a Game Boy when you were younger? I attribute my RSI to that game. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Game Boy is, it came after the Etch-A-Sketch but before the Nintendo DS.

Packing up a house and putting everything in storage is just like Tetris. The number one rule is if it will fit in a box, put it in a box. Then you just fill and try not to leave any gaps!

Hopefully I’ll get to unpack my coats before Winter is over! Anyway, I digress. I’ve done my research and discovered a very cost effective way to pack, store and move all our worldly possessions.

Because we have rented a furnished unit for two months, everything gets stored except some clothes, linen and a few toys.

With three kids, full time work and one car without a tow bar, the most efficient and economical option was to hire a shipping container and have it delivered to our current address to fill. We are hiring through All Coast Container Hire and Ed, the owner, has been extremely helpful and great to deal with.

It’s pretty impressive watching the container slide off the back of a flat bed truck!

Once Clarence is in place, we will have the container delivered to our new address. At around $25 per week it is way cheaper and more convenient then a shed at a storage facility, which would have been about $35 a week plus the cost of getting everything there over countless trips. Even with transport costs of moving the container multiple times, it’s still cheaper to do it this way.

Our neighbour has kindly allowing us to store the container in his yard until Clarence is on our block. We thought about putting it out there straight away but don’t want anything in the way of the house delivery truck (that sounds so similar, like it’s just a step up from a pizza delivery car or something?).

It’s just occurred to me, however, that the purchaser of Lazy Days might want access to the back yard through the double gates that the container is blocking. Crap.

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