Colour coordination

I don’t have any experience with styling/design/making things look pretty. Comfort is top of my priority list…and functionality…and easy to clean! I am going to give it a go anyway and have a pretty mean budget to work with. This is what I’ve come up with so far.

Being domestically challenged (seriously, I suck) it’s slightly stupid to go with white anything. But I’ve found the best thing about white is the ability to bleach the hell out of stains!


Enter Ikea Erktop three seater sofa! Hooray for removable slips! One of these three seater babies will only set us back 500 buckaroos! And when I’ve bleached the covers to within an inch of their lives, I can replace them for only $99. Not only is it well priced, it’s comfy as. I have used the Erktop armchair as a nursing chair for the past 3.5 years and have no complaints. I’ve spent many, many hours sitting/sleeping in the armchair and it’s the bomb.

Now for my super awesome bargain that I insisted on unpacking as soon as I got it home, only to have to repack it and put it away.


This 2.3×1.6 m rug of awesomeness from Freedom is the first new thing I’ve purchased for Clarence and is the determining factor of the “colour scheme”. I got it on sale for $99 and like that it is a cotton and wool blend because I would prefer products made of natural fibres whenever possible.

I laugh a little when I say colour scheme, because our home is so unlikely to be anything but a fun hub of chaos with three kids, two fur babies, two parents who work full time and a garden I’d rather be in/meal I’d rather be cooking.

And last but not least, bathroom AND laundry tiles. When I went into the Beaumont Tiles store the lady who served me was so incredibly helpful (after she recovered from the news that I don’t watch The Block).

In case you hadn’t guessed, or I haven’t spelt it out properly, we are using black and white as our foundation colours. Versatile, sleek and hard to screw up!

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