Moet for Mother’s Day

The SOLD sticker was stuck on the For Sale sign in front of Lazy Days on Friday afternoon.  
I hadn’t expected to be so emotional but I started reminiscing about all the moments we’ve had in this place over the last six and a half years and got a little teary! It’s the first and only place Steve and I have cohabited so it’s been quite a journey!

A trip to visit our future place of residence quickly dried my tears and all the excitement and anticipation came flooding back!

We cheers’d to all the moments that lie ahead.

Very enthusiastic to come up with things to toast was Jake, who enjoyed his pink lemonade like no bodies business. The little kids weren’t too fussed!

You can see why the tears did not last long…


This is what sold us on the land. Our own private rainforest. It already feels like home. The neighbours dog came for a walk and gave everyone a friendly sniff/lick.

And here we are, real life garden gnome looking happy people!


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