Handing down the budget

The government is in the process of crunching the numbers.  My amazing girlfriend Somer of Little Bu asked me about our budget for Clarence.  Hmmm….good question.  I had done up a rough costing estimate of all the big expenses I could think of, and thought I’d been quite thorough, but as with any renovation project, there are plenty of little, unexpected costs that add up to be one big number!

Take the retaining wall we have decided to build on the northern boundary.  Who would have thought a row of bricks could add up to $12000?  Needless to say, we are investigating other options.  My preference from the beginning was timber.  The neighbours have used treated hardwood sleepers for all their retaining walls and it looks great.  The lifespan is approximately 15-20 years, which is fine by us.  By then, we’ll have three grown children to put to work for repairs!  

We costed up a 20 metre retaining wall at 1 metre high (any higher and it is considered load bearing and you need council approval) and for materials we are looking at about $120 per linear metre.  Labor is free and the budget includes materials, excavating, landscaping and beer.  

IronBark Timber Products are local and have all the good. Some example of what other people have built using their products. 





ImageNow I am on the hunt for a native ground cover to plant above the wall to prevent erosion and soften the appearance of the wall.  Any suggestions?  Maybe a trip to Go Green Rainforest Nursery is in order!

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