Let’s get it all out in the open

Who is a fan of the open shelving option in the kitchen?  I am sure in reality not everything about it is fabulous (think dust, creepy crawlies, clutter) and not everyone needs to see their stuff, but I own many things of sentimental value and visual beautiful that are used in the kitchen.  We will incorporate cupboards and shelving.  The ceilings are so high (yippee!!!!!) that I am not sure how it will work with wall hung cabinets?  Might have to jump on a website that let’s you model a kitchen in 3D.


Yep, done right


The kitchen will be the first thing we do to Clarence.  The current kitchen is a little bit, hmmm how to put this nicely?  Gross.  I appreciate it’s retro qualities very much, but it’s not practical for the needs of the modern family!ImageT


2 thoughts on “Let’s get it all out in the open

  1. I am a fan of open shelving in theory and in photo shoots, but in reality I don’t think it works. But what I would do is somehow incorporate those fabbu glass cupboard doors, even as a feature off to the side…. (i love the history). But definately have an open shelf to showcase all your pretties, but not for plates and pots and cups, unless you have everything matchy matchy, or cleverly mix-matched, and who has that in modern times with kids (coca cola hungry jacks cups??!) I don’t think it works. Anyways, its all very exciting!

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