Weatherboards, VJ’s and Bay Windows

At some point in the past 31 years, I have become mildly obsessed/passionately in love with traditional Queensland houses.  Weatherboard exteriors adorned with stained glass windows and mighty gables, soaring VJ walls that meet with detailed, decorative ceilings, high stumps and wrap around verandahs to provide protection from the harsh natural conditions of this beautiful State.  The list could go on and on.

The Queenslander is, fundamentally, the perfect house for it’s location.  It was designed and built during a time that quality and longevity mattered.  It wasn’t about fitting the most house lots into a subdivision for as cheaply as possible.  Hardwood timber was abundant and land was cheap in comparison to today.  The dream of owning your own home was attainable and the emphasis was on taking advantage of orientation and naturally cooling breezes.


Original timber shutters and built-in roller blinds.  Oh Clarence, you are one fine lady.

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