It’s not all uphill


Even though the block of land we are moving to is not technically ours yet, the current owners have kindly given us permission to go about our business and do what we need to do in the meantime until settlement in a few weeks.  On Sunday, the kids and I met with Matthew, the man we are trusting to cut our beloved Clarence in half, strap her to a truck and deliver and stump her 101km’s from her birthplace.


What the hell am I talking about?  Well…I have persuaded my husband to invest in an amazing Queenslander that is being sold off in the name of progress.  The site where Clarence currently residing is surrounded by an inner-city commercial precinct and the time has now come for a new era to begin.


We have sold our humble fibro beach shack, less than 200m from the beautiful Pumistone Passage and handy to all the Caloundra beaches, and will head inland to the leafy surrounds of hinterland living.  I may be counting the chickens before they hatch.


Because of the incredibly tight time frame we are working on, everything is being organised before settlement date for our house and the block of land.  It was stressful to begin with, but we keep putting out the positive vibes and can’t see why it won’t all fall into place.  It helps to have an engineer for a husband who is used to working under extreme pressure and a brother-in-law who is an incredible architect with ability and vision beyond belief!


And then there is me, who is excited about making cushions for the bay windows and in charge of the budget.  What can go wrong?!



Little Pat pushing the dolly pram up the (long, steep) drive way.


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